Trade has evolved

Why Digital Currency is a game changer

Some facts about digital currency:

  • 90% of all digital currencies use 1 of 3 platforms to create and manage their coin. So no matter what coin you use it is very likely it is based on bitcoin, ethereum or quantum ledger.
  • Despite digital currencies popularity it has yet to live up to the promise of faster and cheaper transactions, until now.
  • Stable coins make a much better unit of exchange than coins with volatile values.
  • More than 10% of ethereum coins are owned by the Rothschild bank.
  • Digital coins are created based on a system. Currency systems include: proof of work (requiring huge amounts of electricity), proof of stake (require a large community of users) and now proof of value (coins are created through market forces).

The current model of most digital currencies make a good store of value however most fall short as a unit of exchange. Despite millions of people buying and selling digital currency, it still remains too complex, to slow, too expensive and too regulated to be widely adopted.

Prior to bitcoin there have been many community and complimentary currencies that for one reason or another failed to challenge fiat based currencies. The WIR franc created in 1934, circulated and backed by the Swiss banking cooperative WIR Bank however has proven that complimentary currencies do work.

It is the most widely used community currency in Switzerland and probably the world (although only available in Switzerland).

The WIR franc (WIR translates to ‘we’ in English)  has a fixed value of 1 Swiss franc, the primary purpose of the WIR franc is to stimulate economic activity and encourage trade between Swiss businesses.

The WIR franc in today’s terms is a stable digital currency that has proven it is not only viable but offers significant benefits to the Swiss community. Why has it not been adopted in other countries? Primarily because it is not in the interest of banks and it is not as sexy as crypto style currencies.

We at believe the benefits of a digital complimentary currency are just too great to ignore any further. is a free digital wallet. It can manage a variety of currencies and NFTs however it is designed to compliment fiat currency allowing purchases to be done in both fiat and digital coins in a single transaction.

Another significant difference is the default ‘pearls coin’ is created by proof of value. This is a method of creating value backed coins by using market forces.

What is value and how is it created?

Value is the exchange of something of worth. It is not enough to say you have a valuable item, it has to be validated by having a willing buyer.

This means that value is actually created at the point of exchange. It only requires 2 parties, requires no servers running 24 x 7 as in proof of work (bitcoin) and does not require a large community such as proof of stake (ethereum). Consensus is reached once a buyer pays for a sellers goods or services.

Features of trade on the platform:

  • free mobile app,
  • no transaction fees for coins transaction (credit card fees may apply),
  • fast, safe and convenient with no ID required for consumers and no complicated codes,
  • an active marketplace for everyone,
  • simple, immediate tap and go payments that combine both coins and fiat currency,
  • incredible loyalty marketing tool for business that do not include discounting or hassle customers.

Benefits of trade on the platform:

  • reduce the cost of doing business,
  • attract and reward buyers without discounting your goods or services,
  • easily manage, marketing, sales and reporting on your mobile device,
  • promote your brand across socials and the media.

How this works for consumers:

  • earn, store and spend rewards that act like real money on your phone,
  • grow a trusted network of friends and businesses,
  • all for free.

How this works for business:

  • add your business and offers to the marketplace for free,
  • set a percentage of sale you will accept coins at,
  • accept pearls and fiat in a single tap,
  • create your own branded coins and share them across socials and the media,
  • send real time offers to all that hold your coins,
  • redeem your coins in a single tap at the percentage of sale you set,
  • spend your redeemed coins in an active marketplace.

Secure your brand in the digital world before someone else does (LAW, VET, OMG…). Create your own branded digital coins for pennies per coin. Promote your brand by sharing your coins across socials, contacts and the media. Send real time VIP offers to all who hold your coins, redeem in a single tap and spend your redeemed coin in the marketplace. in association with brings you:

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