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Digital Trade:

What can trade and digital currency do for your business that cash can’t?

Digital currency (coins) have certainly grabbed the headlines over the past few years. It is said one out of every 10 people currently trade some type of digital currency (coins).

So what are they and how can they help your business. Firstly there are many ways to explain what they are however to keep it simple they are unhackable, easy to exchange tokens (stored value in an online database). You could say it is a safe, easy to trade (tap of a phone) discount coupon.

There are literally thousands of these coins available however you may be surprised to learn that most are actually build on 1 of 3 platforms. Bitcoin, ethereum or quantum ledger. So almost all of the coins available are really just a branded (white label) coin. In saying that because they are electronic money they can all add certain features that distinguishes them in the marketplace.

Ironically given these coins were initially created to replace cash or debit none of them have done a real good job at this. The promise of faster and cheaper has never really been achieved.

Until now.

Trade has partnered with the pearls digital wallet. This is a free wallet that allows you to create your own branded digital coin using one of the three platforms and use the wallet to trade and manage your coins. That is right your own digital currency that you can exchange and trade with anyone you like its safe, fast and free.

So what can trade do for you and your business?

Lets look at one scenario:

Joe’s food bad creates his own branded coin and shares it across his socials. It gets a lot of attention because he can simply share a great photo with a QR or code-word. A viewer can scan or enter the code-word and accept / download his coins onto their wallet / phone.

His coins have value because they are associated with Joe’s offer. He has set the terms (percentage of sale, time and product he will accept the coins back at) on his offer. His audience can find, store and spend his coins (in a single tap) when they are ready.

Joe can send as many real time offers as he likes to everyone who holds his coins for free. He can accept his coins bank combined with a credit card payment simply by scanning a QR code and once his coins are redeem he can spend them himself in an active marketplace of wholesalers, service providers and merchants.

This is one scenario of how trade and electronic money can help small business. It is safe, fast and flexible. It is a great marketing tool and apart from a small once off fee to create the coins there are no costs or fees to exchange them. Increase your social footprint, promote your brand across socials and the media, reduce the cost of marketing, transactions and offer great buyer incentives without discounting your goods or services.

Trade and the wallet offer a winning combination of performance and functionality. The wallet is free to use, in fact the only cost is to create your own branded digital coin but you can use the pearls coin for free. It is truly a win win for consumers and business. Try the wallet now for free and get in the