Are you in the trade?

Barter is the exchange of goods or services for other goods or services without using money.

Trade is the exchange of goods or services using money. blurs these lines combining both and it is all possible because of digital trade. What would happen if you could choose to accept some of a sale in money and some of it in barter at any percentage you feel comfortable with. Let’s say 80% in money and 20% in barter.

This sounds promising but how would this work?

The simple answer is using digital tokens that are backed by a mandate by the issuer to accept them back for a percentage of sale. Sound complicated?

Not really but before we look at an example lets look at some of the things on every businesses wish list.

  • I want a free tool that allows me to send real time offers to my target audience,
  • I want to offer financial incentives to potential buyers without discounting,
  • I want to be able to sell my goods or services in store or online on the same platform,
  • I want lower cost and straightforward transactions.
  • I want real time reporting so I can manage sales, marketing and my customers.

OK here is your solution:

Trade uses the digital wallet. This is a free app available on the app stores where you can add your business and offers to the marketplace for free within say 10 minutes. Yes a bit like every other mobile marketplace.

However the next step is where it gets interesting. In the wallet you can create your own branded digital coin for pennies per coin. Share these coins with your target market, across socials, your contacts even the media.

Now in addition to your market listing you can send real time VIP offers to all that hold your coins.

For instance; “Today’s special be seated before 5 and we will accept 25% of the meal in our coins, after 5:00 20%”.

Users can view and purchase or book your offer directly on their phone with a few taps. In store there is no need to fumble with coupons, you simple create an invoice they scan and pay using credit card and coins is a single payment.

Now this is where the real magic comes in. Once you receive your coins back they are converted to pearls accepted back by all businesses on the platform. So you can spend redeemed coins at full price in an active marketplace. Create your own coin, redeem your coin at a percentage you set, then spend your redeemed coins in the marketplace. How good is that…

So how does all this work and why should anyone trust the process?

Your branded coins allow you to promote your brand across socials by simply adding a code-word or QR to your posts. Anyone who clicks, enters or scans will join your network and receive your tokens worth $1 each.

Your coins are worth $1 because you have a mandate (your offer) to accept them back at $1 (at the percentage of sale and on the terms in your offer). This mandate is a guarantee of value. So not only does the user get a guarantee, they get a live feed of your special offers (VIP access) and can pay these coins combined with a credit card in a single tap.

For the business they can grow an audience by sharing their coins across socials, contacts and the media. Broadcast real time VIP offers to all who hold their coins, spend redeemed coins in the marketplace all for free with the exception of creating the coins and any credit card transaction fees that may apply.

Where can I spend the pearls?

Pearls (your redeemed coins) can be spent in an active marketplace. Every business on the platform agrees to accept pearls (on the same terms as their offers). The more businesses that join the more options you have. This includes trades, wholesalers, service providers and other merchants.

Add your business and offers to the marketplace and use the pearls coin for free or create your own branded coin for pennies per coin and open up the marketing and reporting features of the app.

The ultimate rewards and marketing tool, yours for free.

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